Anna's work is an attempt to highlight the natural subjectivity of human perception. From deconstructing the visual process to analyzing one's relationship to time, her goal is to create works that interrogate the firmly held notions of an ‘objective truth’. 

Her images often allude to worlds within worlds, offering several layers of complexity. Subjects are intentionally obscured or just out of reach, and information is typically partial, evoking more questions than answers. Anna hopes to ignite a sense of awareness and curiosity by pointing to impermanence as imminent, to interfere with automated responses, and to inspire reflection and discourse on the often overlooked moments that saturate one's existence. 

Anna immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1989. She received her BFA in Art and Design from California Polytechnic State University and currently resides and works in San Francisco, CA. Anna has held solo exhibitions at Christopher Henry Gallery in New York City, at The Growlery and Savernack Street in San Francisco, and has contributed interactive works to the California Academy of Sciences. She continues to exhibit her work nationally in solo and group shows.

t: 650.279.2725   e: anna@annalanda.com